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Open House 2018 -2019

Doniyor's U.S.S. Pampanito Submarine Paragraph
Doniyor's U.S.S. Pampanito Submarine Paragraph
Adam's & Jayden's Grass Hut Model
Adam's & Jayden's Grass Hut Model
At Home in Ancient Egypt
Pocket Project
Luke's Greek & Roman Architecture Comparison
Pioneer Cabin
Model Cabin
Making Ooz'o
Revolutionary War Events Game Board
Board Game
Hana's Electrical Circuit Project
poster board

Learning is a joy! 

By sharing online, our students hope

to inspire others. The best projects are usually those

that build on a student's unique talents and interests.

Please enjoy this multi-grade level gallery.

(Scroll down to see each piece.)

Questions and "copy cats" are encouraged!

History Museum Google Slide Presentations


Aztec Museum

Maddie shows GRAPES  of the Aztec Culture (click to view)


Vietnam War


Ryder's exhibit of the American effort int he Vietnam War (click to view)


Soviet Culture

Ryker's exhibit of Soviet Culture Check out the Soviet Music Lineup!  (click to view)


 Science Projects


Clean Water Project

George demonstrated his Clean Water project during our Earth Day Science Workshop.



Climate Change



Madison created an interactive board to inform people about different perspectives on Climate Change. 



Human Body


Kylie created a larger than life model of the human body.  In the background is her genetics project.



Atmospheric Pressure



Husna demonstrated atmospheric pressure using an egg.  The brochure explains the project for you to do at home.



Jayden's US States, Regions, & Waterways Map
Jayden's US States, Regions, & Waterways Map
6th Grade Ancient Civilizations in 3-D
Ancient Greece
Branches of Government
branch mobile of government details
Maryam's Sea Lion
Maryam's Sea Lion
World Map
Outdoor PE
Max's human Body Systems Study
Body Systems Model
Solar System
Volcano Presentation
Volcano Display
Kindergarten- Herbivores
Zebra Art
Elena's Erosion & Deposition Experiment
Student Project
CA Rivers Research
Russian River Project