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Student Showcase

Earth's Spheres
Penelope's Visit to the De Young Art Museum
Art Project
Animal Cell Model
labelled cell parts
Christie's Plant Transport Systems Study
tree transport diagram
woody and soft stems

Learning is a joy! 

By sharing online, our students hope

to inspire others. The best projects are usually those

that build on a student's unique talents and interests.

Please enjoy this multi-grade level gallery.

(Scroll down to see each piece.)

Questions and "copy cats" are encouraged!

Adam's Crossbow Physics Project
Laleaga's Mass Wasting Diagrams
Rock Movement
Ancient Egyptian Newspaper
The Abydos Chronicle
Symbolism in West African Art
Natural pigments used- mud & cinnamon
Natural Pigments Used- Mud & Cinnamon
Cave Art, Symbolism, &
Cave Art
Natural Pigments
Levee's Fall of Rome Calendar
Roman Calendar
Myles' Cell Parts & Functions Display
animal cell
artistic cell representation