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Horizons Home Study

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Horizons Home Study

One Santa Barbara Road

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

(925) 682-8000 x3960 OFFICE

(925) 937-6052 FAX




Melissa Brennan

Office Manager

Carlene Hunt

School Support

Carolyn Goetz

School Counselor

Rebecca Woo


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Alternative Education Schools

Horizons Center for Independent Study (CIS)

(9-12th Grade Students)

One Santa Barbara Road

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

(925) 682-8000 x3960 OFFICE

(925) 937-6052 FAX

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Intradistrict transfers are for students who reside inside the MDUSD boundaries requesting to transfer to another MDUSD school.

For information about the Intradistrict Transfer process, please go to:


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Independent Study Program Update - August 10, 2021

The deadline to apply for the District's Independent Study program was Aug. 5 in order to appropriately create classes and address staffing needs. If you are applying after the Aug. 5 date, placement in the Independent Study program will be based on the space currently available.  Families interested in the program will be contacted by Horizons Staff as soon as space becomes available and their application is processed. Until that time, families are directed to report to their school of attendance to begin the start of the school year or to contact their school site to discuss instructional options for their student until a space in Independent Study is confirmed.

Chromebooks: please contact our main office if you need a device. Thank you for your patience. 

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Module 3 Middle School Grades 6 to 8

Click here for all information about Module 3.

See information below about textbook pickup


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Module 1 TK-5 In Person Meeting

Teachers will be in contact with our enrolled students and families.


Module 2 TK-5 Virtual Learning

Teachers will be in contact with our enrolled students and families.

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The mission of Horizons Home Study is to enter into a partnership with parents to help TK-8 students succeed as learners and to become productive citizens. A diversity of educational philosophies within the framework of a learning contract is honored. Parents assume the responsibility for their students' learning and for the management of curriculum. Parents, teachers, and students show mutual respect and caring by treating all individuals with dignity.


Parents are the teachers

  • who provide direction and instruction to the student
  • who monitor student progress using instructional strategies that are responsive to the individual learning needs of the child

Teacher-Advisors assist families in tailoring instruction

  • to match resources with individual skills, interests, and styles
  • to support students going above and beyond grade-level standards

Horizons School is part of Mt. Diablo Unified School District

  • as a fully WASC-accredited school,
  • with California credentialed teachers, and
  • with a UC/CSU approved college preparatory program

Courses in Horizons School meet all the requirements for graduation from the MDUSD.


Determining if Horizons Home Study is the Right Path for You

Enrollment in grades TK-8 is available to families residing in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) or in an adjacent school district or county. Students in Home Study need to be on or above grade level, and the family must have a full-time home teacher available. 

To begin the enrollment process, we will need to assess a prospective student's likelihood of success in Home Study. The following are a few indicators of success.

For Parents

  • available for direct instruction and  supervised learning four to six hours a day/five days week

  • possess strong reading and analytical skills

  • proficient in English with skills in all subjects at least one year higher than the student

  • commitment to deliver an education that is at least equivalent to that in the classroom setting

For Students

  • wants to be home schooled

  • is on (or above) grade level

  • self motivator and takes direction well from the home teacher/parent

  • home better environment for learning

For more information visit Horizons Enrollment Eligibility page.

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2022-2023 Important Dates

Aug 11: First Student Day

Sep 5: Labor Day

Oct 7: Term 1 Ends

Nov 11: Veteran's Day

Nov 21 to 25: School Recess

Dec 21: Term 2 Ends

Dec 22 to Jan 6: Winter Recess

Jan 16: Martin Luther King Day

Feb 17: School Recess

Feb 20: Presidents' Day

Mar 17: Term 3 Ends

Mar 31: Cesar Chavez Day

Apr 3 to 7: Spring Recess

May 29: Memorial Day

Jun 2: Term 4 Ends

Jun 2: Last Student Day