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STEAM is the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. This program is meant to improve a student’s education competitiveness in science and technology development with cross-curriculum enrichment activities.


September's Program - Google

There are over 20 Google Apps just for students !! Come see how to use some of these apps to make your presentations, projects, even your hobbies stand out.  The first workshop will concentrate of Google Docs (word processing), Google Slides (presentations), and Google Forms (online surveys).


Date and Time: Thursday, September 20th from 9am to 11am




November’s Program - What Can You Learn from a Potato Chip?

There is a new branch of science in town - Potato Chip Science !  We will have a grab bag of nourishing lessons in everything from physics to forensics, from navigation to neuroscience.  This program is under development by the 9th Grade Horizon’s Homestudy students. Contact Advisor Kirsten O’Leary with questions or comments.


Date and Time: Thursday, November 1st from 9am to 11am

Just for fun: Potato Art and Carve a shrunken spud mummy 

Want to learn more: Idaho Potato Museum