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Sky Floaters, Gliders & Blimps

In this design challenge activity, learners make a balloon hover at eye level for five seconds, and then make it move by creating air currents.  Students will then be encouraged to use this lesson and create flying machines that float across the room.

Just for fun: Unpoppable Ballon & Blow Art

Want to learn more:




Build It!

Design a building that can survive an earthquake and then put it to the test.  Design other structures that can survive a variety of forces (wind, weight are just a few).

Just for fun: Balance Magic & Pendulum Art

Want to learn more: San Jose Tech Museum






How Far Can It Go?

The laws of nature are constantly influencing and interacting with our lives. Forces and motion are part of everything we do. How do we know what forces are acting on us or an object for that mater?  We will design and build objects that fly through the air, hover above the surface, and zoom across the room.

Just for fun: Marshmallow Blaster & Wind Powered Dancer

Want to learn more: San Francisco Exploratorium





A robot is a machine that is programmed to carry out a series of actions automatically.    We will have Bee Bots for you to program and try to navigate through out obstacle course.

Just for fun: Build your own robotic arm & Scrappy Robot

Want to learn more: Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science